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Vertical six-door display cabinet

  • Category:Kitchen disinfection equipment

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  • Release Date:2021/06/29
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Detailed introduction

Product name: Vertical six door display cabinet

Category: Freezer

Size (mm) : W1810*D760*H1980(customizable)

Capacity: 1000L/1600L

Cabinet temperature: 2℃ to 10℃

Refrigerant: R-134a

Cooling method: air cooling/direct cooling

Product features:

1. The door body uses a large area of clear display glass, and the items in the cabinet are fully displayed。

2, the use of brand name fully enclosed compressor, low noise, low power consumption。

3, the use of environmental protection high-density foaming technology, better insulation performance。

4, microcomputer intelligent temperature control technology, cabinet temperature at a glance。