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Xiaobian tells you what the canteen equipment is

Release Date:2021-11-27 作者:admin 点击:3713

       Canteen kitchen equipment engineering is a project involving the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and collaboration with other related parties of canteen kitchen equipment。Therefore, the supporting equipment corresponding to the kitchen project should be purchased in the preparatory stage of the kitchen project, adhering to the corresponding civil and hydropower projects, and the kitchen miscellaneous supplies purchased after the completion of the kitchen。

       Canteen kitchen project - Equipment configuration includes:Flour truck, wood noodle, awake box, flour press machine, noodle mixer, stuffing machine, dumpling machine, steaming box, oven, electric baking pan, etc., vegetable washing machine, vegetable cutter, slicer, stir-fry stove, big pot stove, noodle cooker, steaming stove, pot boy stove, low soup stove, potato peeling machine, meat grinder, bone sawing machine, soybean milk machine, oil mesh smoke hood, oil fume purifier, smoke exhaust fan, soft connection, fire valve, etc.Refrigerator, cold storage, water purifier, water boiler, conditioning cabinet, shelf, workbench, pool, washing faucet, dish cabinet, dishwasher, disinfection cabinet, UV disinfection lamp, fly lamp, etc。

       Canteen kitchen engineering - civil construction is the related construction of the partition wall, hole, floor and ditch in the kitchen, such as the holes required for the installation of ditches, grease traps, sewage lifting equipment and smoke exhaust pipes, etc., the relevant specifications and location should be arranged according to the kitchen design。

       Canteen kitchen project - hydropower refers to the kitchen water and electricity facilities such as lights and water pipes, faucet installation。Usually includes cables, distribution boxes, air conditioners, lamps, pipelines, valves and other equipment。Canteen kitchen engineering - Kitchen miscellaneous refers to other kitchen supplies other than kitchen equipment, such as electronic scales, spoons, forks, floor scales, microwave ovens, knives, utensils small equipment or tableware and so on。