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Small series tell you how to choose catering kitchen equipment

Release Date:2021-11-27 作者:admin 点击:3641

       When it comes to catering kitchen equipment how to choose higher prices, this is also the most worried issue for many investors, because there are more types of kitchen equipment, the quality is different, and the price gap between them is also very large. Today, Xiaobian will simply share with you how to choose catering kitchen equipment。    

       The first thing we need to understand is this,Kitchen equipment is used more frequently,High frequency devices are often used,Great loss,The problem will slowly appear,So when we were putting together the kitchen equipment,These devices must be of good quality,For example, some gas stoves,If something goes wrong,Manufacturers also have no way to timely door-to-door maintenance,It will seriously affect the sales of the store,Therefore, when choosing cookware products, we must choose good quality,serviceable,Reduce equipment failure rate。

       Secondly, there are some food processing types, such as flour milling machines, flour presses, meat mincers, vegetable cutters and other mechanical equipment, to choose some brands, which can also ensure the quality of the products, and then the extraction facilities, when choosing these products, we must ensure that they can meet the requirements of local environmental protection。

       Secondly, the air volume matching should be reasonable, not too large, not too small, a good kitchen environment can directly affect the quality of the chef's production。

       Finally, some white steel products, because these products belong to the supporting class, can reduce the cost of input, according to their own long-term specifications, to choose different quality and quality of white steel products。