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Kitchen equipment and appliances management system

Release Date:2021-05-31 作者:admin 点击:4583

Kitchen equipmentAnd equipment management system

  1, the kitchen utensils to replace the old, and need to go through the relevant procedures。

  2, all kitchen utensils, tableware (including parts) are not allowed to take out without permission。

  3. All kitchen utensils and tableware should be handled gently to avoid man-made damage。

  4, for all kitchen equipment, maintenance measures, everyone abide by。

  5. All personal utensils in the kitchen shall be properly kept, used and maintained by me。

  6, all kitchen equipment, facilities, appliances to implement civilized operation, according to the standard operation and management。

  7, the kitchen shared appliances, put back to the prescribed position after use, may not be changed without authorization, while strengthening maintenance and normal use。

  8, all the special tools in the kitchen, such as carving, nozzle and other tools, by special storage, borrowing records, return to count and check the quality。

  9. Prepare for regular inspection and maintenance。If the equipment is damaged, it must be inspected by maintenance personnel. If it can be repaired, it should be repaired. If it cannot be repaired and needs to be replaced, it should be reported to the general manager for review and approval。

  10, kitchen utensils, the user has the responsibility for its maintenance, maintenance, due to non-compliance with the operating rules and kitchen discipline caused by equipment and tools damage, lost, according to the price compensation。