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Commercial kitchen equipment remember to classify maintenance

Release Date:2021-05-31 作者:admin 点击:4519

First, conditioning equipment

The conditioning equipment includes workbench, pool, seasoning cabinet, shelf, meat grinder, vegetable cutter, noodle mixer, noodle press, wake box, etc。

Maintenance method: Follow the instructions when using,Clean up debris before and after use,Wipe the dirt inside and outside the equipment and on the surface of the equipment with a clean wet rag;Electrical equipment should pay attention to power safety;If a belt is used,Be careful if the belt is loose,It is also necessary to lubricate equipment with rotating gears by drip oil on a regular basis。

Service life: working table, seasoning cabinet, shelf life of 8 ~ 10 years;Meat grinder, vegetable cutter, flour mixer, dough press, wake box life of 6 ~ 8 years。

2. Cooking equipment。

Cooking equipment includes large cooker, frying range, oven, steam box, electric baking pan and other equipment。

Maintenance method: Operate according to the equipment instructions;Pay attention to the safety of gas use and electricity use;Remove oil in time, remove debris, and keep the inside and outside of the equipment clean;Steam boxes that are prone to scale need to be installed with a water softener or regularly remove scale。The stove should regularly check the aging degree of the stove head, whether the refractory cement is cracked, whether the countertop is overheated and deformed, and whether the ground at the bottom of the stove is clean and dry to ensure that there is no corrosion at the bottom of the equipment。

Service life: stove (including steam box) 4 ~ 6 years, oven 3 ~ 5 years, electric baking pan 6 ~ 8 years。

Third, cold storage equipment

       Refrigeration equipment includes refrigerator, refrigerated display cabinet, freezer, cold storage, etc。

       Maintenance methods: timely cleaning of dirt, regular inspection of condenser and refrigerant, timely defrosting, clean the dust on the surface of the exposed unit。

       Service life: platform refrigerator, high body refrigerator, red wine display cabinet service life is 8 to 10 years, electronic original or temperature control, digital display, lamp are wearing parts, if the normal voltage is relatively stable, generally can be used for more than 5 years。

Fourth, washing equipment

       Washing equipment includes sink, dishwasher, cup washer, water heater, etc。

       Maintenance method: Clean the dirt in time, according to the operating instructions when using, dishwashers, cup washing machines, water heaters are prone to scale, need to regularly use scale remover to remove scale, in order to prevent scale affecting the quality of hot water and heating pipe thermal conductivity。

       Service life: pool 8 ~ 10 years, dishwasher, cup washing machine 7 ~ 10 years。