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Canteen safety points

Release Date:2021-05-31 作者:admin 点击:4618

       1, open and close the drawer door, should keep a fist so as not to finger card notes;Or avoid the cabinet door ajar resulting in easy collision and injury。

       2, in case of unsafe things, tables and chairs are damaged or equipment is out of whack;Or in case of trouble caused by suspicious people, report to the supervisor immediately。

       3, the used bowl is easy to slip, be careful to take, especially hot plate or handle, the application of service towel, so as not to burn。

       4. Stain the wet floor with anti-slip agent to ensure the safety of walking。During the storm, pay special attention to the inside and outside of all imports。

       5, with enough time to safely and properly serve food, not easily speed up, take knife and fork or other sharp objects, do not take lightly。

       6, dishes and bowls, can not be hastily stacked dishes and bowls and glass containers or the cost is too high and uneven, otherwise it often causes unnecessary damage and accidents。

       7, when using the mat at the door in rainy days, it should be really paved, not wrinkled, pay close attention to pedestrians when placing the mat on the sidewalk, and do not use cardboard to lay the floor。

       8, in and out of the catering room or kitchen, according to the prescribed route and the designated door to enter and exit, when there is only one door, should be opened carefully, so as not to touch people from the other side。

       9, when cleaning the floor, only wet a small area to mop dry and then clean the rest of the floor。If any guests have not left, separate the cleaning area to keep guests away from the area。

       10. Keep the floor as clean as possible on the ground。If a plate, glassware, liquid or food spills on the floor, wipe it off immediately or place a table or chair over the stain before removing it。

       11, the bowl should be properly placed on the tray, so as not to slip when delivered。It should not be placed too heavy on the tray so as not to be easily delivered, nor should it be piled too high to cover the line of sight, so as not to cause accidents and unnecessary damage。

       12, the broken glass can not be placed in the sink or washing machine, so as not to cut the hand。Broken glassware and porcelain should be immediately separated from intact vessels and placed in the container where they are collected。Use a brush or pick up broken China or glassware when cleaning。Broken utensils should be removed as soon as possible。